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I found myself within a forest dark, For the straightforward pathway had been lost…

The mind of the INTP is likened to a raging storm. This type of personality is characterized by an intense inner turmoil and a persistent search for knowledge. They are prone to questioning ideas and concepts, analyzing them in detail before arriving at any conclusion. Their minds operate at breakneck speeds, grasping concepts quickly and often coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems.

The INTP has an enigmatic aura that can be both captivating and intimidating. They are independent thinkers who strive for autonomy but also crave intellectual stimulation from others. They don’t like rules or being told what to do, instead they prefer to explore their own unique paths in life. Although often misunderstood because of their introversion, their depth of thought and unique perspectives can bring great insight into any situation they find themselves in.

Enter the depths of the mind…

The air around me suddenly seemed colder and thicker, hanging like a dense fog over the craggy rocks and barren landscapes. My thoughts whirl in an unfamiliar maelstrom of fear and dread as I stand on the brink of this dreaded gateway – the entrance to the first level.The first circle is filled with books and knowledge. Each chapter is incomplete and contains knowledge with no practical implications in reality. The soul is lost and enraged. 

The INTP has a substantial repertoire of everything your brain transmits on a daily basis, and you have an extremely intricate library assembled that contains everything. In spite of your boundless acts of catching and creating data, your directory-organizing skills are subpar, so instead of neat stacks of books, you have a well-being-risking mass of random facts and figures gushing back through history, which your brain flooded itself with and hasn’t escaped.

As I walked under the searing sun, across what seemed like an endless expanse of sand and heat, I noticed with dread that I had arrived in the Desert of Recriminations. It was a place I had reluctantly visited before, but each time it evoked feelings far worse than trepidation—feelings of guilt, regret and remorse. This is the place of the INTPs guilt and regret. The corner of your psyche vanishes into the Desert of Recriminations, a location you visit all too frequently, so that you can endlessly beat yourself up for things you have done or not done. 

The third circle… 

As we stepped through the threshold of the inner sanctum, it felt as though we had crossed into a different realm. We were surrounded by an intricately conceived world, filled with fantastical creatures and otherworldly beauty. But there was also danger in this place; it hung heavy in the air like a warning or a premonition of things to come. As I cautiously treaded forward, wondering what secrets lie beyond – that only increased my sense of fear and anticipation.

There’s a fence surrounding an independent world that you imagine belonged exclusively to you, full of incredible fantasies. Wherever you wander, you always wind up in this stronghold, which you call the Inner Sanctum of your brain, and take part in all its disconnected pastimes. This is where you spend your days happily, sometimes without your permit.

We journey deeper into the depths of the mind of the INTP. 

The entrance to the Superhighway was like something out of a nightmare, with an endless expanse stretching beyond its boundaries. Unexpectedly, hellfire raged across the highway’s surface and despairing souls beseeched for mercy from their eternal prison. Two immense pillars flanked by monuments of iniquity stood tall at either end – one beckoning travelers toward a host of boundless ideas while the other warned against any thoughts that would lead to damnation. The Highway of Ideas and Intentions, which is perpetually clogged and thronged with an assortment of unfunded and unfinished initiatives which were in all stages of incompletion. 

The fifth circle awaits thee. The walls of the Existential Funhouse towered over me, and I felt my stomach flip with uncertainty as I advanced into its dark depths. All around me were carnival games, but none of them brought any amusement; instead, they seemed to tauntingly invite further questions about existence. What is the point of human history when everything we do will one day be gone? 

Once you enter a dark place, you often think of what life is all about, including all of history’s completely different events and the future of it too. Perhaps to the opposite, your brief curiosity usually pulls you into something more interesting and you forget being jaded and pessimistic, negative and positive, and you can’t stop thinking.

As I stepped through the doors of the teahouse of treasures, a chill ran up my spine as if I was entering into an otherworldly realm. All around me were bustling merchant stalls and dozens of guests drinking ceremonial tea, chatting energetically despite their grim surroundings. It was clear that this was no ordinary teahouse; here, one could find strength to endure any great trial or transformation — simply by sitting in the presence of power and ambition. But what he found within took him completely aback. Instead of being filled with worn benches and smoky conversation as was usual for such places, here awaited no less than a throne room to one’s deepest ambition and desire.

You approach the seventh circle.

Trepidation swept through him as I entered the Autopilot Room, a chamber of false illusions and deep treachery. The air felt heavy; tainted by ill will, with malice lurking in every corner. I shuddered at the sight before him – an array of mechanical contraptions meshing together to create a monstrosity that seemed to seep evil throughout its core.

The INTP spends most of their time daydreaming about who they truly are in this room. The real you is outside of your imaginary self, probably in your Inner Sanctum. 

The sky was lit up with a menacing red hue as we approached the entrance to the forest of intuition. In front of us was a raging toxic moat, filled with fire-breathing dragons protecting the Inner Sanctum from any intruders. 

I felt an unnatural chill run down my back as difficult breaths breached my lips; I could feel this place summoned only by fate, and all hope seemed lost. The high walls are reinforced with concrete and guarded by an elite army of warriors, making it all the more difficult for even the bravest adventurers to penetrate. It has been said that these walls were built to protect something so powerful and so precious that those within must be kept absolutely safe from harm or interference from the outside world. 

Those who have attempted to breach this imposing fortress have been burned alive in the fire-breathing moat, or impaled on razor sharp spears held aloft by fearsome soldiers. As if this weren’t enough deterrent, there also stands beyond these walls a great darkness – an abyss of despair and dread that no one can fathom – ensuring complete protection for whatever lies inside.

The Dark Forest of Intuition is truly a place without any mercy. It has an uncanny ability to foretell the true intentions of those it encounters, their deceptions and dangers made known not only to its wise inhabitants but to anyone who stumbles into it by chance. Its grasp upon this knowledge has practically become supernatural in nature: woe befall any foolish souls that cross into its domain, for they shall find themselves quickly entangled within a web of wisdom beyond mortal capacity. 

The primary weakness of the mysterious terrain residing here is its lack of compassion, as it is possible to figure out the intentions of anybody they approach, regardless of whether they’re aware of it or not. The mysterious place seems to have an uncanny ability to predict exactly what people do, no matter how their hearts and minds mislead them.

It is clear that the INTPs mind can be a dangerous place to venture. It’s a complex web of ideas, theories and abstract concepts that few can traverse without being overwhelmed by the vastness of it all. But if one has not only the courage, but also the wisdom to brave this treacherous journey, they may find a great reward in knowledge and understanding.

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