Auto is the (droid) bot you're looking for.
Auto is an intelligent deep learning Chatbot in the making. The model focuses on a deep neural network based human to machine conversation model. The chatbot will assist the general public with their automotive concerns, and even suggest the most appropriate workshops. The chat bot, known as Autobot, will assist with general questions, provide information, and offer solutions to your most pressing auto concerns.

Software service

Autobot can be integrated into any online web application or web based platform. It is also available offline.

Design service

The design of AutoBot can be altered and the company's logo inserted. 

Cloud service


Industry-leading software features


"Autobot is the future of cloud based automotive services."


User Experience

I have chosen to focus improving user experience and bridging the gap between the technical aspects and the knowledge of ordinary individuals. 


People's love

I have analysed from my years of experience in the automotive field, that people tend to not know which services and workshops are best for their vehicles. Autobot includes a directory and will assist in providing others with the best option.


It's all about data

Autobot uses common reoccuring errors of vehicle, and deep learning to develop a more thorough understanding of automotives.