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Hello, I am L.A.B Maharaj

PhD : Computer Science | Digital Marketing Manager | Embedded Software Engineer | Author

As a current PhD student in Computer Science, I have an extensive knowledge of software development and coding, as well as the technical aspects of digital marketing. I am confident that my skills and expertise can be used to effectively promote products or services online.
In addition to my studies, I also have experience in content writing and social media management. With over five years of professional experience in both these fields, I know how to create engaging content and optimize campaigns for maximum reach and success. My understanding of SEO principles helps me create content that is optimized for search engine rankings, allowing greater visibility for brands on the internet.

Overall, I have a unique combination of knowledge and hands-on experience that allows me to understand complex processes from a technical perspective while still providing innovative solutions for businesses looking to improve their digital presence.

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.


The Painted Porch

The Wisdom of the Ancient Stoa

The ancients Stoics offered us a message of resilience and self control in the face of opposition. The book explores the history and philosophy of Stoics from Zeno to Marcus Aurelius. It offers a glimpse into the traditions of ancient Rome and the virtues of stoicism that is still applicable in modern times.

The book is a reflection of the ancient Stoics and their contribution to philosophy. It is a guide to implementing the wisdom of the Stoics into your own lives. It provides the reader with an introduction to Stoic philosophy.

Format: Paperback

The Rise of the Machines

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Our World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a profound impact on our world. AI enables machines to learn from data and experience, allowing them to perform tasks more efficiently than humans.

The book dives deep into the fascinating and sometimes frightening implications of artificial intelligence on our world. It explores the potential of AI to revolutionise our lives, and examines the potential risks and rewards of this technology. 

Unshakeable Fellowship

A Journey to Deepen Your Connection with God

Unshakeable Fellowship: A Journey to Deepen Your Connection with God is a powerful guide to help readers cultivate a deeper relationship with God through prayer, scripture, and personal reflection. Through this journey, readers can discover a more meaningful and lasting relationship with God.

This journey is all about strengthening your relationship with the divine, and it’s an opportunity to connect with others who share similar beliefs. It’s a chance to really dig deep into what it means to be close to God, and how you can live your life in accordance with His teachings. You’ll explore different spiritual practices that can help you develop a deeper connection with God, such as prayer, meditation, and community service.

The book dives deep into the fascinating and sometimes frightening implications of artificial intelligence on our world. It explores the potential of AI to revolutionise our lives, and examines the potential risks and rewards of this technology. 

What do I do?

Fullstack development
Digital marketing

Work Experience

Web developer and digital marketing specialist

Design and develop webpages for our website, including creating content and coding HTML/CSS.
• Develop and maintain social media accounts and campaigns.
• Monitor website analytics to ensure maximum user engagement.
• Research new technologies and digital marketing trends.
• Troubleshoot technical issues related to web development and digital campaigns.

Digital Marketing
Embedded Software Engineer

• Design and develop embedded software systems for automotive applications
• Analyze customer requirements and develop software to meet those requirements
• Develop high-quality code that meets industry standards
• Develop automated unit tests to ensure code quality
• Debug, maintain and improve existing software
• Collaborate with other departments to develop innovative solutions
• Participate in code reviews to ensure software meets quality standards

Software Engineer
Digital marketing and technical specialist

• Developing and implementing digital marketing strategies across a range of channels.
• Analyzing data to identify trends and insights, and optimize performance.
• Collaborating with internal teams to create landing pages and optimize user experience.
• Utilizing strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touchpoints.
• Providing technical support and advice to clients.
• Managing campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
• Tracking website traffic and providing regular reports.
• Assisting in the execution of email campaigns.

Web Developer
Software Developer

Full stack web developer:

• Design, develop, and maintain web applications using various programming languages and frameworks.
• Develop user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
• Create and debug server-side scripts using Java, PHP, Ruby, or Python.
• Create and maintain databases using SQL queries.
• Collaborate with other developers to integrate front-end and back-end components into a cohesive application.
• Research emerging technologies to determine how they can be used to improve applications.

Software Developer